cOme BaCk~ after a long break

Friday, February 18, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 7:10 AM
my blog not been updated for ages~!!
so, for this entry.. i just want to tell about all the important events that i hve been through during my "disappearance"just in briefly~

1) i want to tell about my mooting sessions.. i forget the date already!
me! delivering my submission on the behalf of the appellant~

~puncher, my co-council.. nice teamwork..

really2 tiring, mostly in preparing the B.O.A (Bundle Of Authorities)
but, at last.. i really2 satisfied.. we wont the case as the appeal was allowed..
thanks a lot judges and councils on behalf of the appellants (Zikry and Latif)..

Bench of Judges: Bro Mahyuddin (course coordinator) and external judges..

2)then few days after mooting sessions i went to Wonder Milk
Wonder Milk was located at Damansara Uptown which provides Cup Cakes..

the interior design of the shop.. nice!! so old fashion but so CREATIVE!!

nice picture!~ with intan, fauzan, aini, fareeha, haris and iman.. thnx for the photo iman!

msa kt situ.. i try Tuna Melt which cost for RM8.++ and Soda Rose which cost for RM 7..
the soda rose really amazing.. nice..
then, i take away a box of cupcakes (4 cupcakses a box) which cost for RM 17..
i choose, double chocolate, milo, cheese and peanut jelly..

a box of cupcakes!
peanut jelly, cheesy cheese n milo.. hey~ wait! where another one??
oppss!! I already ate it la.. only the cup left.. the cake already in my stomach.. hehheh..

nice..Wonder Milk, Wonderful Memories..

3) LAWS Annual Grand Dinner and Appreciation Night 2011.. 7/2/2011
I will going to graduate this semester.. so i hve to attend the AGD..
honestly, firstly i quite disappointed with the food (so tension at that time).. but then, capturing pictures with my frens make me happy back.. Oh.. Life like In Fabulous Lane...
me at that night!!
OH DEAR!! Red Carpet!! hahaha.. *perasan... AMF je pon.. =)
my classmates with the lecturers... nice one.. gonna miss them..
miss this moments.. mostly, all of them were my course-mate for sem 1.. and few of them my course-mate in sem 2... both of them super duper cool~
on this day also was my Dad's Birthday.. Happy Birthday Dad..

4) Majlis Sanah Helwa PERKEPISMA... 11/02/11
nice date.. actually at first, seriously and honestly a little bit ashamed to join coz i just joined the first meetings and only knows fews of them..
since, few of them invites me.. suddenly i remember a hadith on Obligation to attend someone's invitations.. so i just attended it..
Alhamdullilah~ i get know them better after the taaruf and already know mostly of them..
celebrate the birthday boys.. who was born on dec, jan and feb...

time cdak girls gik motong kek ya~

strengthen the ukhwah~ mkn nsi ambang..

gmbr knangan dolok!

time for cdak girls gik brgmbr~

thnx.. to akak senior nok molah card ya...
thnx also kt smua ktk org.. nang best mlm ya.. =P

then... study.. study.. study...

5) End of Semester EXAM for my final semester.. (14-25/2/11)
quite tension.. coz i really2 want to score for this semester.. so, i work hard on it..
14/2- Understanding Islam.. i think the question quite confusing but i still can answer it.. hope the best from Allah..
16/2- Arabic Intermediate Language.. the question were ok except for the objectives question.. but i satisfied with it..
18/2-Computer 1 (ICT).. honestly, i dislike this subject.. but I motivated myself to keep learn and study the books.. Thank to Allah.. I hope what i've done benefits back to me..

and now... i just want a little break after all my non-courses subject paper..
tomorrow i need to work back for another my 4 core-courses subject..
22/2- Introduction to Islamic Law
23/2-Law and Society
24/2-General Principles of Law 2
25/2-Basic Legal Methods

p/s: then i gonna going back to Labuan, straight away aftr my last paper.. =)
*excited.. and the chapter of my LONGGG VACATIONSSS will begin..
bye.. =)

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