Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:06 AM
hye! salam guys... long long and loooooooong time x update...
coz quite feel distress with this blog..
coz actually i hve destroy the template and what so ever and i hve no idea how to fix it..
coz I to JAKUN in IT..

since I quite get bored study for the final..
so, i just wanna make a short update.. weeeee!
just happy for a short moment, coz gonna turned my face into ayam berak kapur after reading the book back later!.. so sad! book, book and book..

but, i have too.. since the final i just around the corner.. really2 kat corner..
tp study nye bru 10 metre dri starting point, highway pon x msuk lg.. oh God! a lot of revision nk kena buat..

u know what! now i believe the what the lawyers that i "jumpa" say to me..
first year student in law? oh, it still a loooonggg journey and a lot of GREATER things that you will find out later...

yup, so Great... great disaster! hehehe.. just kidding babe! it will be simple if you make it easier..
think positive, work actively and get effectively..
then you go boy!
yeeeehaaaaaaa! GOOD LUCK guys for ure final!
strive for it..
best of luck...
selamat meniru! eh, jawab la sndiri! honest!
then you know your's limit..

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