Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:06 AM
hye! salam guys... long long and loooooooong time x update...
coz quite feel distress with this blog..
coz actually i hve destroy the template and what so ever and i hve no idea how to fix it..
coz I to JAKUN in IT..

since I quite get bored study for the final..
so, i just wanna make a short update.. weeeee!
just happy for a short moment, coz gonna turned my face into ayam berak kapur after reading the book back later!.. so sad! book, book and book..

but, i have too.. since the final i just around the corner.. really2 kat corner..
tp study nye bru 10 metre dri starting point, highway pon x msuk lg.. oh God! a lot of revision nk kena buat..

u know what! now i believe the what the lawyers that i "jumpa" say to me..
first year student in law? oh, it still a loooonggg journey and a lot of GREATER things that you will find out later...

yup, so Great... great disaster! hehehe.. just kidding babe! it will be simple if you make it easier..
think positive, work actively and get effectively..
then you go boy!
yeeeehaaaaaaa! GOOD LUCK guys for ure final!
strive for it..
best of luck...
selamat meniru! eh, jawab la sndiri! honest!
then you know your's limit..

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Friday, October 28, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 12:47 AM

YUP, I really mean it.. its better for you to get lost or I'll break your Balls!
don't ask me whether I have done it before, but mybe you will be the lucky one that i crunch up your balls into small tiny atomic pieces..

here is it the rule, I don't talk anything bad about you, so don't say anything bad about me..
exception for good things..Wee, I love to be "di puji".. =P

sometimes, being so kind makes people to take advantage on your kindness..
they probably will say that "alah, dia x kisah pon" or "alah, dia bukan pndai marah pon, kita ckp pon dia hnya TERSENYUM je"
F.Y.I that "senyuman" actually full with various kind of expression..
so, remember this thing till you die ok...


remember that RUBBISH??

so, better for you to Shut up!

look the word at the tape.. shut up shit!

so, to who may concern or "the person".. read this carefully k..
tell all those your idiot friends yg mulut macam SIAL tue..
if i didn't say anything bad about him, don't say anything bad or "nk ejek" about me k..
those your idiot friends blh g jahanam ngan mulut lancang dorg tue and kau sekali dialu-alukan utk join dorg ngan ke"annoying"an kau tue..
korg blh la pegi lorong mana2 yg sesuai ngan standart jalang korg tue utk jaja dri korg tue, maklumlah manusia mcm korg mmg layak kt tmpat mcm tue.. i think korg pon faham gak kn what i mean.. hahah..
seriously, xde nk gurau2 skrg nie, i really mean it and i really angry about it..
so, tell them to get lost k..

remember, pahat dlm otak tue btol2.. GET LOST!

sorry la for ckp tak berlapis and being so laser.. maklumlah zaman skrg smua x syg mulut.. tue la, sruh establish insurans mulut x nak, coz mkin bnyk mulut2 celaka skrg nie.. so, obvious la kn akn bnyk saman on isu mulut nie, at least ada la insurans nk cover..
bkn apa, aku actually dh penat jdi baik kt org, until org blh label as aku tak kisah apa org nk ckp kn.. tpi ingat, aq boleh je jdi kejam kalo korg nk.. coz kejam aq lg dahsyat.. coz i use to be jadi baik nie pon just tak nak korg tau the other side of me, which sometime I prefer to.. so beware.. peace! no offence k..

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just be yourself!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:47 AM
just be the real you!

my heart says that:
no matter what people say about you,
no matter what they think about you,
there nothing that you can do about that,
what you need to do is.........


because you cannot shut their mouth,
so, just be the real you and change their perspective towards you..
life is sooooooooooo wonderful..

sometime you should take time to ponder upon about yourself..
whether your behavior is good or bad!
coz person not be born as PERFECT!
and human is NOT A GOD!
and the nature of human is to live in this world by relying on each other between humankind.,
so, there is no reason for you to destroy such any relationship between you or others..


just be yourself, the real of you and did not hear to the voice of demon..

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Pengaruh K-Pop.. Oh, tidak!

Monday, August 15, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 10:14 AM

annyeong haseyo!! >.<"
eh2.. silap... asalamualaikum...
hurm! dh pnuh dh sesawang.. lama sungguh aku tak update blog aku nie..
hehe... nak tulis pasal apa ehh??.. hurm! annyeong haseyo.. hahaha..

yup2.. betol3.. k-pop talk.. msti korg prnah tngk korean drama, dngar lagu korean or even meminati personaliti korean kn2?
actually nya, masa kt sklh mnengah dulu seriously aku menyampah with all korean stuff!!
fakta ehh bukan auta!
then, msuk foundation pon still x minat, tp dngar gak ar dri kwn2 pasal drama2 nie..
then suddenly, hidayah apa yg aku dapat pon aku tak tau, trbuka pintu hati ku ini utk mengetahui dunia2 K-Pop and korea nie..
tp tak lah.. just aq start dok rumah since awal bln march tnpa wat apa2..
then, aku part time krja and balik malam..
balik jew mlm mak aku confirm tngk crita Three Sister kt SoNE HD..
so, aku apa lagi.. buka mata tngk sekali la..
then, alahai melekat pulak crita nie.. tiap2 hari aku tngk tak miss..
tue crita balik krja..
cerita rest day pulak.. bila dh x keja dok rmah la je kn..
then nk tngk TV, pon channel SoNE hd gak.. alahai... channel rasmi kt M'sia skrg nie mmg channel korea ka??? =.=" hampeh..
tngk gak aku.. aish! best gak running man nie.. kelakar btol..
heroes pon best gak.. lawakkk.. hahahaha..
strong heart!!! hahah.. true story ka dorg nie.. aduh! sedih, tapi kelakar pulak...
aik? "=] apsal aku layan korea pulak nie.. hurm! korea pon korea la.. best apa...
since tue.. aq tngk smua bnda nie.. korea, korea dan korea..
style pon bajet ehh nak ikut korea??
tak la.. ckit2 je kot.. nafsu tue ada, tp tak la.. still org M'sia.. nak wat mcm mamat korea mana pon still nama ada "bin" gak kn.. still melayu..
eh2.. nama aku kasy, so korea Ka Seyou la ehhh.. aih! gedik!
then after three sister dh hbis, skrg aku follow drama You Don't Know Women scara aktif and some times tngk crita Lie To Me, City Hunter and Scale of Justice..
TAPI SEKARANG NIE BRO!! agak PARAH gak.. music2 korea pon dh msuk kepala hotak aq nie...
dengar je la.. nak nyanyi sikit2 jew.. berbelit lidah aku nak nyanyi sekali..
so, aq pon skrg agak update gak lagu2 korea nie kat K-Pop Countdown..
MUSIC!!! ENERGY!!! K-POP COUNTDOWN!!! *eh, ala2 iklan pulak..
skrg aku suka dngar lagu B1A4-OK and BOYFRIEND-Boyfriend..
haish! bila pikir balik masa dulu2, tak prcaya pulak aku boleh trperangkap ngan korean stuff nie.
aigoo.. aigoo.. dlu siap mencaci lagi, sekarang siap memuji.. aigoo.. aigoo..
tp, nak kata AKU FAN FANATIK KOREA tue BELOM lagi la kowt..
tpi in danger! mungkin ke arah~~~ itu...

K-POP Fanatic!!
tak la kowt.. biasa je sdh kn... xyah la nak gedik sngt.. hehehe..=P
so, itu kata aku pasal influence K-Pop yg agak dangerous gak.. so what about you??..
annyonghi kaseyo!!!
kamsahamnida!!! >.<

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short update.. work and income$$$

Monday, June 13, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 7:45 PM

hye and salam readers..
just short update, since lama gila dh x update my blog nie..
skrg nie agak busy sikit coz dh mula kerja..
after graduate from CFS IIUM PJ.. i make decision to work and gain some income..
so, apply few work.. ckgu sndaran (x dapat), waiter/receptionist kt tiara hotel (x dpt gak even apply 2 kali), pizza hut (just interview) and lastly i dpt call from parkson ria labuan..
so.. jadilah aq promoter part-time kat parkson..

but, parkson Labuan nie x la besar and se-grand parkson kt tmpat lain..
just 2 floor.. nama pon "parkson ria" not parkson grand...
nie la tmpat krja aq... located kt Ujana Kewangan Labuan...

i work as promoter...

hehe.. muka garang sikit.. mcm juru nikah pnya gmbar plak kn.. hahhaha..
asal customer x takut dh.. =P
for almost month aku kerja as promoter for cheetah..
and now.. I'm working back after resign hri tue for 12 days with my new company at new department... =)
work kat Pelco.. xyah nak lipat2 lagi coz just ada kasut and hand bag..
thats all.. bye..

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Saturday, May 7, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 8:54 AM
Salam and hye to all readers. So, memandangkn hri nie 8 May ialah Hari Ibu, Kata Aku nak wat entry specially for my beloved mom. Mmg lah in Islam hri ibu tue everyday, every hour and every second. But, aku rsa x slah kalo kta nak appreciate our mom masa Hri Ibu. Janji tak la melebih-lebih and ikut budaya barat or yg sma wktu ngan nye lah.. Come on der, think positive. Chill~.. So, sblm tue, korg g kat music's box aku.. then, stop/pause dlu music2 aku tue and korg play video kt bwah nie.. Saje je nk bg korg feeling and aura lebih.. ceh~ bajet je.. hahahha..

So, inilah gambar mak aku yg cun tue.... hahaha.. gadis rebutan tau, untung ayah aku.. =P..
nama diberi Rosimah Abd Rahman..
lahir pd 26 May 1964 (x lama lg birthday)..
umur.. kira sndiri ehh.. tp my mom always nmpak muda.. hahaha..
my mom dilahirkn in Brunei Darussalam.. but dh jdi M'sian ok..
anak ke-2 dri 7 org adik-beradik and kakak yg sulung..
all her siblings mmg agak manja ngan dia..
but sluruh labuan nie lbih mengenali my mom with nama glamour nya.. Zaitun.(like!)

So, tue ckit2 psl biodata mak aku.. pnggilan mnja yang aku selalu guna ialah.. MAMA~.. my mom nie mmg caring.. and aku mmg mnja ngan mama.. al-maklumlah org prnah brgelar anak bongsu utk 10 thun (adik aku pon x smpai record aku lg, dia bru bongsu 9 thun).. haha.. bajet.. aku mmg selalu kluar jejln ngan mak aku.. bagi aku dialah yg beri smngat utk aku capai cita-cita aku..

So kpda ibuku tersayang, aku sangat2 bersyukur coz d kurniakan ibu sebaik mu, yg supportive, ceria and umpama rakan karib kpda anak-anak.. i will work hard and brjaya dlm memenuhi impianku ini.. nnt boboy(nama manjew aku) bwk mama melancong pg luar negara lg ehh (coz my mom nie suka sngt melancong) .. and lastly, SELAMAT HARI IBU MAMAKU.. I always LOVE YOU.. so, nie picture aku with mama yg dh d edit with some Quotes..

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AKU at Melbourne!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 7:19 AM
salam readers...
oh.. so sorry gua dh lama x update...
well, balik m'sia je trus demam.. x biasa ngan cuaca panas kot *(bajet nye aq!)..=P
so, entry kali nie aku nak story ckit psl perjlnan kta org ke Australia yg agak Drama ckit..
ehh! x caya ke? seriously.. nk g airport pon dh start drama bersiri..
~scene prtama~
situasi: tayar kreta meletup
watak aku: mechanic..

time tue kta org agak rushing gak nak g airport brunei...
coz departure 2 hours before..
dh la jln nak g airport brunei pon x tau.. siap sesat ok!..
time ktaorg smpi kt airport brunei je, only few minutes lg check in nk close..
fuh~ nsib baik smpat.. kalo x.. hangus duit beli tiket... syukur sngt!

then kta org pon naik flight.. 8 hours dlm flight mmg bosan!...
nsib baik ad movie.. so aq pon layan la cite Tron ngan Yogi Bear*(dh mmg tue je yg ada)..

~kat dlm flight for 8 hours!~

then about 9 pm wktu australia or 7 pm (wktu msia) pon kta org slmt smpai kt Melbourne Airport..
smpai2 je.. sejuk!

then.. ktaorg pon straight away to apartment.. stay kat Pramound Apartment..
and the next day!
xyah nak hairan.. if tour agency mmg g museum, zoo and so what ever..
but, my family's tour agency nie full time kt SHOPPING CENTRE!

~nie transport yg kta org slalu connecting our way spnjang kt melbourne~
its called tram.. kind of kreta api, but dia jln kt jln raya..

so, kitaorg pon shopping kt one of this market yg mmg famous kt Melbourne and among the tourist... kind of pasar minggu kat M'sia.. BUT barang2 dia mmg br kualiti and murah..
and kt sini nie complete.. dri ke pakaian, brngan dpur, souvenir and macam2 lg la..

~aku tngh try jacket leather! coz design for leather jacket kt msia x bnyk and mahal~
this is pure leather ok.. jacket2 nie dri kulit kangaroo....

then, after dh one day shopping.. sblh mlm plak kta org hangout jln2 kt city..
city mmg meriah mlm tue.. coz melbourne tngh celebrate Comedy Festival..

nie antara view area city melbourne d wktu mlm..

~kat china town area melbourne city~

~aku kat Comedy Festival~

and then, the next day.. kta org pg ke Harbour Town by tram..
Harbour Town nie adalh Syurga Shopping kat Melbourne..

~my family get ready for shopping!~
buying power yg unbelievable..

balik dri shopping siap bawa luggage der!.. nie bru shopping sakan..
aku cakap x caya.. aku pun turut kagum ngan kebolehan kuasa membeli family aku nie..

x puas lagi! the next day shopping lagi kat DFO..
which stand for Direct Factory Outlet..
lbih kurang mcm F.O.S kt M'sia la..
TAPI.. F.O.S brg2 yg kena reject kn...
D.F.O barang2 yg mmg mcm ad kt kedai cuma kt area nie dia direct dri kilang, so harga murah la coz hrga kilang.. firstly g D.F.O South Wharf..

~New, D.F.O South Wharf~
x puas dgn yg ini.. on the next day, ktaorg pg plak D.F.O yg lama kat Spencer Street..

~The old one, D.F.O kat Spencer Street~

then, after dh penat shopping ktaorg pon dok makan kat Kopitiam Mamak..
ckap pasal makan nie, nie antara restoran2 yg halal kt Melbourne..
x susah nk cri mknan halal kt Melbourne.. senang jgak.. x sesusah kt Sydney..
~ Rest. Madam Kay's..(lbih kurg nama glamour aku pulak restoran nie)~

~Rest Nelayan~
restoran nie khas utk indonesian food.. bleh thn jgak mskannya.. hrga standart la..
owner dia peramah sngat! org indon yg dh jdi PR pon kt Melbourne..
~Rest Old Town Kopitiam Mamak~
aku suka rest nie.. mskn M'sia and most of the waiter student M'sia yg keje part time..
so, takyah nak buang tebiat nak speaking segala.. hehehhe
food that they serve was so delectable!

~Rest Mama Wong's Kitche~
Rest nie pon Malaysian Cuisine gak.. mskn serious sedap (utk org yg mmg dh gian nk mskn mlysia).. hahaah
tpi, betul! tngk tue.. Mat Salleh pon makan kt sni.. hahaha
~Rest Es Teler, also indonesian food~
pon sedap gak.. nk mkn bakso kt melbourne bleh la g sni niey..

~Rest Chilli padi~
nie Malaysian food.. pon sesuai untuk top up perut after shopping..
coz restoran nie located kat Harbour Town..

ok~ thats all about halal rest around Melbourne... dh mcm Jln2 Cri Mkn plak..
but, kalo korg x jmpa rest2 nie.. pg je Nando's..
coz Nando's pnye provider ayam halal..
even mmg ada jual ham and pork..
but tmpat msk x sama.. Nando's seluruh Australia adalah halal..
tak pon kt Australia brlambak kedai jual Kebab..
and mostly adalah halal coz peniaga dorg nie mosrly lebanese..
but x smua halal.. so tnya la..
kalo Melbourne, korg try King Kebab.. sedap bro!

ok la, jari aku dh naik kebas menaip entry nie..
nie je la yg dpat aku kongsi experience smasa kat Melbourne..
next entry aku cerita pasal Sydney yg bnyk tmpat cntik2, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Brisbane..
terima kasih la baca entry aku nie..
bye and wasalam!..

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Reminder! I'm on my Vacation!

Monday, April 4, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:38 AM

salam readers yg aku kasihi,
fulamak.. yang aku "kasihi" tue... heheh
just nk inform kt korg.. if aku lama x update blog nie..
bkn brmksud aq biarkn blog nie..
sebab aku akan go for a trip (jgn ad yg jeles ok).. hihihi..

esk, pagi2 lg aku akn travel by car to Brunei dlu, then to Miri, Sarawak utk 4 hari..
then when travel back to Brunei 0n 9 april..
9 april tue, insyaAllah aku akn fly terus ke Melbourne, Australia by Royal Brunei Airlines..
dh 4 hri kt Melbourne, 14 april aku akn beralih arah pulak ke Sydney, Australia by Tiger Airways..
lps tue dh 4 hri kt Sydney, 18 april tue depart to Adelaide, Australia also by Tiger Airways..
then 22 april(aftr 4 days also) gerak plak pergi Gold Coast by Virgin Blue Airlines...
kt Gold Coast sehari je then to last destination Brisbane, Australia..
kt Brisbane sehari jgk then 24 april back to Brunei Darussalam by Royal Brunei Airlines..
tamatlah misi jelajah Austarlia ku.. hehehe..
then 25 april will back to Malaysia...

destinasi dlm perancangan, kalau takde halangan aku akan visit tmpt2 nie
Gold Coast- Movie World
Adelaide- Monarto Zoo
Sydney- Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney Aquarium, and Oceanworld Manly
and bnyk lg tmpat2 lain and SHOPPING of course... hahaha..

so, insyaAllah, aku akan try utk update setiap lokasi yg aku lawati and cerite about experience kt stiap tmpat..(doa2 kn la semoga aku sentiasa mendapat line internet/wi-fi scara free).. hehe
bye guys.. aku dalam misi travelling skrg nie... see u soon beloved readers!

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Teka-teki ABPBH10 Terjawab Kini!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:36 AM

salam dear readers...
ok.. aku just nak wat short entries( even tngn mnggeletar coz over excited)...
aku pulak excited lbih kn...
so, at last teka-teki, silang kata siapa Bintang Popular BH 2010 akhirnya trjwab...

seyesly aku tabik bro! bintang popular tue( bile la aku nak merasa ehh?)
hahah.. ayat mmg selambe je.. omg~ baiknya ngan mak dia kn...
of course mak dia akan so proud ngan sam.. congratz once again der... haha.. ayat sempoi..

ok .. selain bintang popular aku tak kisah dah..
aku kisah dua jelitawan pujaan hati aku nie je..
sorang penyanyi, sorang pelakon...

oh mak~ lemah aku dibuat fly kissnye...
woooaaaa... congrats lisa surihani..
i am ure fans.. suka awk dri dlu smpi skrg..
aku tak la nak gossip sngt..
tpi melalui twitter yg mmblhkn kite mngetahui bkn shja tepi kain bahkan dlm kain sekali..
dngr bintang popular sam kite nie selalu brhubung dgn cik lisa nie...
melepas lah aku.. (takpe la, nanti aku cuba memPOPULARkn diri nie ehh)..
tpi ok der.. sma padan le tue..
lisa surihani-pelakon wanita paling popular ABPBH2010..
ohh.. aku akan tetap jadi fans mu..
by the way.. suka sngt wktu adik Mia kite pergi kt Lisa and kiss Lisa coz Lisa menang..
cute gler adik Mia tue.. mcm anak Lisa pulak(nie konferm pngaruh adamaya)..
nnt Mia jdi mcm kak Lisa ehh..

and my soul hearted singer yg ayu.. the love one YUNA...
congrats YUNA...

yuna-penyanyi wanita paling popular ABPBH 2010

yuna- dgn imej baru!

biar pun style tudung mu brubah.. tpi minat dan setiaku pada mu sbgi fan mu akan kekal selamanya (ceh ayat jiwang skema nak mampos)
tpi serious bro aq mmg minat yuna...
actually agk disappointed Cinta Sempurna tak mnang masa AJL..
tpi bak kata pepatah tuah manusia siapa yg tahu<<== x sure dh lama tnggalkn BM..
nmpak nya rezeki penyanyi wanita popular pulak buah hati aku nie..

so.. aku just nak kata.. aku fan YUNA and LISA SURIHANI.. taknak dh yg lain(dgn nada iklan shampoo apa entah aq x ingat).. ouh damn.. i really adore both of you..
and both of u bdak LAWS.. saya pon bdak LAWS...=) *gedik la plak kn.. weee~

Conclusion ABPBH 2010 nie ok la.. best.. gempaQ tue xla..performance aku suka YUNA and Dato Siti Nurhaliza je.. yg len biasa2 je.. aku paling suka part JOHAN and ank sedara PAK JABIT tue, Usop.. creative BH.. congratz.. next year kite bagi anak sedare Pak Jabit tue jdi Bintang Popular.. takyah si Usop tue ber Wilcha lg dh...siapa setuju angkat tangan macam saya (dgn gaya tangan c usop nie ha)..
apa2 pun nie kata aku..
kata kau??....
komen leeee.... wasalam!

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Kepergian Seri Bayu...

Saturday, April 2, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 8:59 AM

-seri bayu-

kali nie aku just nak wat short entry..
waktu aku tengah khusyuk melayan tirai akademi fantasia, satu berita kepergian seorang penulis/komposer terkenal seri bayu atau nama sebenar Jamaludin Sulik kerana penyakit saraf di Hospital Port Dickson(news nie pon spreadly kt twitter)..
Jadi, APAKATA2KAU.BLOGSPOT.COM merakamkan uacapan takziah kepada keluarga allayarham, semoga rohnya di tempatkn brsama org yg br iman..


Allayarham telah menghasilkan lebih kurang 2000 lirik lagu bagi industri muzik tanah air, antara lagunya ialah Kita Adalah Kita yg ditulis ketika persaraan Tun Dr Mahathir dari menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Sebelum Aku Pergi dan sebagainya..

sekali lagi, salam takziah..

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Shopping dan Lelaki....

Friday, April 1, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 7:41 AM
kali aq nak cerita pasal shopping...
shopping?.. membeli belah (do you get me)
budaya shopping nie always refer kpda kaum hawa, perempuan ehhh.. bkn prmpuan yg br nama Hawa (kot2 la korg lurus sngt kn)...
and jarang sekali budaya shopping dikaitkn dgn lelaki..
tapi.. if u ask me.. I said I LOVE shopping..
aku dan shopping! x dpt dpisahkn der..
tpi of course la barang pilihan insan brgelar hawa dan adam ni x sama..
lelaki more to their taste kn bro.. janji suka angkat.. xde nk pilih yg kiut-miut..(euwwww~)
so, aq just nk crita apa barangan yg mnjadi tumpuan aq kalau shopping..

so.. aq crita kat korg psl perjalanan shopping aq kat Kota Kinabalu(KK) sabah ari tue..
so! here is it! lokasi pilihan....
not Suria KLCC, but Suria Sabah...
jgn tnya aq, knpa "h" dia x menyale.. coz aq xde masa nk tanye...(aq dtg utk shopping bukn nk jdi technician nk baiki bab lampu tue).. so aq pon apa lagi.. SHOPPING! (eh eh.. x la over mcm tue sekali.. gimik jeee...)

so, jalan2 la aq kt mall nie sekeluarga..
and... here is it.. antara2 outlet yg aq kunjungi..
bnyk gak outlet kt sni nie.. tpi mostly outlet for women..
yg CarloRino n Mango nie aq msuk n waiting for ages d sbbkn mak n kakak aq yg over excited shopping.. so, aq ngan brother just tnggu n snap2 gambar...
so, nie kira just utk korg readers pompuan (yg nk tau apa ad kt suria sbh nie)..

last sekali.. aq belah and shopping my own things..
first sekali, aq nak usha jam tangan..
cause aq agak suka collecting watches..
of couse la kn bro, accessories lelaki..
at last dpat gak aq bawa balik seutas jam tangan..
nie la yg aq pilih.. jenama Fossil.. aq suka sbb design dia yg sdrhana and bleh nmpk gear2 jam kt dalam..

then.. aq trus kn misi lagi..
kali nie.. aq nak tukar cermin mata aq..
last kali dpt gak.. aq beli kat focus point.. nsib baik ad sale..
yg nie aq just pick ikut trend skrg.. retro style.. back to 60's..
full-frame mcm org 60-an and nerd style.. just colour je aq nk kelainan...
high taste gak aq nie kn...

since, nk tnggu crmin mate baru aq siap..
so, aq pon g la shopping within 1 hour tue..
so.. aq pon g la outlet quicksilver...
quicksilver nie branded gak.. harga xyah cakap..
aq pon agak2 jgak nk beli.. tpi last sekali coz ad promotion 30% for 2nd item so aq beli gak..
round neck shirt dia je RM99.50... MAHAL doe.. tpi aq beli gak 2 helai..
then.. aq singgah jap g metrojaya..
perggghhhh... sale habis! up to 80% pon ad..
so aq pon bantai 2 helai sluar jeans Santa Barbara Polo.. 50% offer..

suddenly.. best je aq jln.. aq trtarik ngan satu kasut nie..
so.. aq beli je..
offer 20% je.. tpi dh hati dh suka.. beli je lah even hbis duit poket aq nie..
tpi seriously aq suka kasut nie.. buatan dia kemas je..

before aq ambl crmin mata aq..
aq pon tngk2 jap perfeums..
seriously aq ckp kt korg perfeum dia murah...
sbb aq tnggal Labuan, duty free island ok.. so perfeum2 nie mmg murah kalo kt tmpat aq..
but then, kt metrojaya nie murah plak dri tmpat aq..
of course la.. time tue SALE... ad discount and every purchased of perfeum dpt vouvher RM80..
so, mmg BERBALOI-BALOI ...(bak kata iklan celcom)
antara perfeum yg sale.. Ralph Lauren..

so.. thats all je la yg aq beli wktu kt SS nie..

org laki nie jgak suka kt bnda2 gadgets nie..
mcm phone, lap top, kamera..
yg nie aq baru beli few days before pg suria sbh..
aq beli kat senQ.. kat Wisma Karamunsing(centre utk gadget2 kt Sabah)
ala.. mcm Low Yatt gak la..

selain tue.. ad gak yg minat alat2 muzik..
especially gitar...
nie gitar yg aq beli.. Taylor's edition...

SO, kalau korg tanya ap yang laki selalu beli... aq jawab yg nie je la..
of course la, ad bnda2 lain lg..
kalo aq nk cite smua.. lenguh la tngan aq..
so.. ini je kata2 aku.. kata2 kau?

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April Fool?.. apa kata kau?

Thursday, March 31, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 8:58 AM

aku:eh eh.. guess what?..
korang tak tau..
come on la bro... today is 1 april!

kau: so?? knpe ngan 1 april?
aku: lek eleh.. mamat nie... 1 april!! april fool kowt...

kau: aku tau la der.. saje je nk april foll kt kau.. saje je wat2 x tahu..
aku: hish! x baik bro.. aq x smbut bnda2 nie..

so, mostly situation kt atas nie penah jdi kt korang an??
org nk kene kn korg, konon april fool.. fool pebende pon aq tak tau la..
so, aq x nak ckp bnyak... sebab setahu aq april fool nie mmg xde dlm islam..
so.. kalau korg nak tau pasal sejarah april fool..
korg blh lah merajin kn diri korg tue utk klik kt link nie..

aku just conclude dri pembacaan aku ok.. so, april fool nie sbnarnya merayakn kemenangan akibat daripada org Islam yang berjaya diperdayakan dgn tipu helah..
so bro.. kalo ko celebrate bnda nie, same la kn ko pun merayakn kemenangan dorg nie..

just klik and bace je.. sebab aq x rajin nk jdi journalism nk tulis bnda2 nie..
so aq copy je.. at least kan??.. korg?? main klik je kn..

ok.. balik smula kt topik april fool nie..
aku bkn nk kata apa.. kadang2 bnda yang dorg anggap LAWAK BODOH tue seriously tak LAWAK! BODOH je lebih..
nk thap serious lg, ada yg snggup melibatkn soal hati, perasaan, hidup mati.. which is seriously not funny.. damn, its really2 not funny.. Don't make FOOL with it FOOL!

ok.. as example: ad mamat nie kol sorg gadis nie gtau pakwe dia mati accident! (pakwe gadis tue and mamat tue kompromi) bajet sahabat la kot nk kene kn org..
then, gadis tue ngan tr kejutnye+sedih+sebak+meleleh air mata (bajet cinta abadi) bawak kete pecut dlm keadaan panik nk tngk pakwe dia.. just in few second.. gadis tue plak meyembah jalan (accident la.. gune ayat bunga2 ckit pon x faham).. then pakwe dia dpt pnggilan gadis dia plak accident.. pakwe dia plak ingat that thing just april fool..
tngk2.. makwe dh trsadai tpi jln.. dh takde dh pown.. so, korg rsa funny tak...
kalau kau tanya aku...
aku cakap tak!.. Bodoh ad la.. tpi padan muka apa...

so.. aq malas dh nk taip.. naik lenguh dh jari2 nie..
so, korang fikir n nilai lh sndiri ehh.. bab2 APRIL DAN FOOL nie..
kalau korang tanya aku......?
aku... kata tak smbut..(ewwww.. i dislike this thing)~


tapi tu kata aku....
apa kata kau????....

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