cfs.. garden of friendship!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 11:22 PM

hye everyone..
my life in cfs just ended..
but, the friendship never end..
so.. here is it, the BEST FRIENDS of mine..
in UIA... there are a group of students that known as Campus Buddies (CB)..
which their duty is to make sure that there is no "maksiat" among the students...
we also addressing our group with the prefix (CB), but its mean Campus Bitches..
but, we do not act like that.. just the name.. coz we kind of group that only gossiping around and only take knows about the group members, not the whole cfs hot story ok..
so, here is it..

1)the first one is....

Mohd Fared bin Abdul Latif @ FALAT...

as all of you know, dia lh yg agk aq rapat ckit.. even ad konflik jgak la.. coz dia ASYIK NAK BALIK JE... hahaha.. ANAK MAK, nk wat mcm mne kn.. but, dia nie agk funny.. x kisah even org kte dia bon***.. hahah.. agk penyabar jgak la, pemaaf dan suka mmnta maaf.. haha.. dia prangai AGAK SKEMA.. kadang2 tue trsa gak yg dia nie over skema.. hahah.. but dia dh BORN THIS WAY.. so takde hal kalo dia nk jdi hakim.. coz as he admit that yg dia xde life.. hahah.. lawak la kau nie.. but everyone kta kau lecturer la falat oii.. so ko decide la ehh.. hakim or lecturer.. anyway thnx for being such good friend and see you in Gombak..

2) the second one is.....

Mohd Fauzan bin Suhairi @ FAUZAN..

weyh.. rndu nk hang out ngan kau.. hahah.. mcm mna teater T.K Cinta??.. hahah.. dia kwn yg sngat baik la i think.. as smua org ckp yg dia sngt stick kt prinsip, but i really like that.. bru ad keyakinan kn.. hehehe.. hurm~ nnt tngk wyg, hang out together lg weyh.. hahah.. nsib baik before balik kta smpt tngk movie I am number four sma2 kn.. best kowt.. haha.. what do i like about him coz kte org lbih kurg sma ckit kowt.. coz fared n others tak suka sngt bab2 artist, kluar mkn kt new place mcm wondermilk.. so, aq rsa the way of interest kta org agak sma.. anyway thanks for being such a really2 good friend k.. see u in Gombak fauzan!!!! A*naf in the making.. hahahha..=P

3)the third one is.....

Mohamed Hisyamudin @ HISYAM

la.. bru perasan takde gmbr kte 2 org weyh.. tue la kau, time nk ambik gmbr xnak.. gedik je.. tp ble ambk gmbr sndiri gne phone org then jdi kn wallpaper nk plak.. hahaha.. just nye yg pling kiri pki bju hijau.. agak rapat plak kn kte msa last2 sem kt cfs.. haha.. rindu kt kau la.. nk tngk kau ngan gaya trbang kau.. hahhha..seyesly, spnjang 2 sem agak tabik ngan kau la.. coz u r so intelligence n tak kedekut bab2 ilmu nie.. hahahah.. anyway thanks a lot for discussion n everything spnjang 2 sem nie.. jumpa lg kt mna lg? gombak la.. hehehe.. take care rosli.. such a wonderful friend la kau nie..=P

4)then, the first "bunga" in our group...

Intan Syafinaz bte Roslin@ INTAN..

first of all, sorry la tak dpt jmpa before balik hri tue.. seyesly i forgot about it..thnx for the hand-made motivation card yg awk bg msa kt Tappers tue.. i still keep it... hahha..thanks for being such a really2 good friend too.. haha... hope to see u soon.. thanks for introducing WonderMilk and tman kn kte pg Tappers always... enjoy ure holiday and see u in Gombak k.. haha.. =)

5)then... here is it..

Syafiq Azhar @ KAMAL..

ha kau! tngk gmbr pon gedik kn.. dia nie bnyak COMMERCIAL NAMES.. kamal, kentang etc.. mcm aq gak la.. of course la kn kntang.. org famous kowt.. ahahha.. dia la the first one yg gne word "kelas kau maria".. tak pasal2 aq kna label sbgi maria.. hahha.. but, dia sngt baik wei.. hahaha.. the most things yg korang takkan lupe suara n word2 dia yang mengancam such as "Mampu ke?", "Jala*g", Sund*l" and etc.. hahaha.. kau jangan..word power2 kowt.. tp dia pon lawak jgak la..nice to know him.. enjoy ure holiday fren... see u in Gombak k.. kesha versi 'XS"..
mampu ke? wait n see.. hahaha... *yakin je aq.. =P

6) and now here is it

Ahmad Sharil bin Ramli@ SHARIL

so here is it my friend sharil.. dia seyes lawak.. nice to know him.. thnks sharil for xtra class b4 exam mcm kls utk ICT tue.. hahah.. its help a lot.. good luck for ure ielts k.. and hopefully dpt fly g overseas if u think that it is the best choice.. i always support u... Coz i know that u can go further and further.. Good Luck k.. jgn jdi serious plk aftr this.. coz ko mmg naturally lawak la weyh.. and i think that it is ure real personalities.. so no need to be serious aftr this.. coz u just nice to be like the way u are.. =) by the way thanks a lot for being such a nice friends and hope to see u again k.. enjoy ure holiday.. jgn mkn bnyk weyh.. kna realisasikn visi & misi before masuk main nnt.. haha..

7) then the next flower is..

Khadijah @ KHATY

seriously, ure such a nice friend.. hahah.. i really respect you.. for me, you are the person who just act and be just like the way u are.. blogger sejati nie weyh.. haha.. sngt update ngan isu2 blog.. tp dia mmg baik and dri dia ekspresikn diri dia, kta dpt tngk yg dia nie sorg yg sngt2 kuat smangat and cekal.. good one.. anyway, thanks khaty for being such a good friend for the two semester and hope to see u again.. =)

by the way.. i also want to say thanks to others..

puncher n matin!

matin: first tue mmg x rpat sngat.. coz seyely annoying when ko slalu mention about sbh srwak.. tp tak la ambl hati kowt.. mcm ko jgak la, x pernah ambl hti even org wat sakit hti kt kau kn.. by the way, last2 sem tue agak rpat plak when ko slalu dtg MELARIKAN DIRI ke bilik aq dri someone.. hahhaha.. thanks matin bwa g curve n everything.. u r the best... hope to see u soon... jgn slalu emo2 weyh.. hahahha.. enjoy ure holiday in kelantan!!! thanks matin!!

puncher: thanks for being such good friends and team mate.. sorry too if ad yg misunderstanding tue ok.. by the way, jgn la busy2 lg lpas nie.. hahah.. hope that u still be my fren kt gombak nnt.. no matter what people say about you, just think that u be just the person that u should be.. just ignore the others k.. u r so courage.. good luck.. see you soon.. enjoy ure holiday fren..

thanks too to all my course mate sem 1 (02)and 2(310)..

my roommates!!
alif, helmi and azri: thanks for everything roommates!! kalo ad slh silap tue mntak maaf la ehh..
btw see you guys in Gombak.. and strive for the excellence ok.. good luck.. sorry for being not so sociable person.. anyway, thanks again.. hope to see u guys again!! =)

my lecturers!!
thanks to all lecturers, madam waheeda, madam rizq, brother mahyudin, ustaz mursyid, madam farahizah, ustazah sabariah, madam cynthia, madam aisyah, miss syarida, ustaz kamal, ustaz kazzman and ustaz mahmoud.. smoga Allah sja yg balas ats segala ilmu srta nasihat yg dberikn.. hope dpt jmpa lg..

perkepis friends!!

makseh ktk org.. x puas rsa knal ktk org d cfs tok.. hope to see u guys again and know each other better again.. Good Luck everyone.. strive and strike for excellence k.. nbiak srwk boleh bha.. =)

and lastly to all law students 2010/2011...
sape2 yg aq knal tue thanks k.. smoga jmpa lg.. bye...

even, i know u from different state, different dialect, different school.. but all of u are still my friends.. nice to know all of you.. hope to see you guys again.. i always love all of you but in different way.. mcm madam waheeda ckp yg seorg ibu syg kat semua anaknya but in different way.. mybe the first one coz pndi, the second one coz always take care psal dia but its actually the same and if different, it just a little bit.. so do I... i always love u all as a friends perhaps.. not as a child.. hahah.. =P
happy holidays.. see all of you soon.. =)