Friday, November 5, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 5:31 AM
ok.. hye alls..
now this is the game..
since, khaty dh tagged sya utk play tagged game nie..
so, here is it..

1. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya nak graduate..
~graduation day~
coz dh rsa agak bosan studi~ rsa nak grate cpat2.. then work and built up my own reputation in carrier.. yg paling nak GAINING WEALTHY.. coz i lurve to shopping and branded things.. so, need a lot of money to fulfill my interest.. hehehe :P

2.kalau boleh, skrg jugak sya nak travel around the worlds..

~travelling around the world~
~world guidelines~
coz, sya suka sngat melancong and travelling.. if in malaysia, bnyk tmpat dh pg...
if luar negara, ad bbrpa buah negara yg sya dh lawat.. latest plan, april 2011 my family nak holiday to australia... hurm~ excited! coz nk pg Gold Coast to DISNEY LANDS..hehehe..:P

3. kalau boleh skrg jgak saya nak phone HTC EVO 4G nie..

~HTC EVO 4G phone~
coz, this phone suit ngan my taste.. design, functions and everything.. in plan mmg nak saving money nk beli phone nie.. but to expensive la.. lg stu, this phone mybe takkan di jual in Malaysia.. coz malaysia still x cnggih lgi.. :(

4. kalau boleh skrg jgak sya nak shopping..
~few brands~ ~C CHANEL~
coz.. sya suka beli barang2 br jenama such as clothes, watch, shoes, bags..
but, skrg nie if nk shopping kna mntak money from my dad.. so x blh sngt..
but, if dh earns money sndiri nnt, sya nak ajak sharil shopping.. hahahah.. :P
i think in shopping i really inherit my parents.. coz my mother and my father like to shopping branded stuff especially my mom..

5. kalau boleh skrg jgak sya nak beli perfeum Burberry Brit for men nie..
coz sya suka sngt bau dia.. sngat2 wangi.. nak beli!!!!.. but sya bru je beli chevingnon paris..
so, kna tnggu habis bru boleh beli this brit perfeum.. :)

perfeum nie still byak lgi..:( bla nk hbis.....

6. kalau boleh skrg jgak saya nak own Products or Brand sndiri
nie KASY TV.. station kat Mexico.. even mmg tertera My Name KASY.. but not my product.. :(
so.. in for future plan i want my own brand and product yg akn well -known kat sluruh dunia.. gedik nye... !!!!

7. kalau boleh skrg juga nak makan laksa srawak, mee kolok and Sabah Vege..

laksa sarawak mee kolok

sabah vege

coz sya suka sngat mkn laksa srwak especially yg my mom masak.. at least once a month my mom msti masak.. but since ddk hostel and KL nie jarang.. but if balik konferm my mom akan msk.. hehe..:) mee kolok mak x pndi buat.. coz org yg mahir je pndi buat kot.. so, if balik kampung bru dpt mkn.. sabah vege is my favorite vegetable... sedap.. but jarang ada.. coz sayur nie cuma tumbuh kat Kundasang, Sabah.. sometimes ad kat labuan but mahal.. heheheehhe..:)

8.kalau boleh skrg juga sya nak jumpa kawan2 sya...

coz, sya rsa kwn sngt important in my life.. coz i depends and always need someones to help me in through this life.. especially, the person is my family or my frens.. but in studi mostly my frens.. nk jmpa semua kwn2 dri kwn dlm bilik bayi kat hospital smpi la skrg..heeee :)
but pling nk jmpa kwn2 sm sains labuan and UIA frens.. lurve u alls..

9. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya nak gather one family.. (paling nak sekali)...
~my family(dad, mom, 2nd sis, me n lil bro)~ ~my eldest sister~
coz.. since duduk asrama.. jarang stay with famuily.. msa holiday je travelling..
then, since my sister further studi to Autralia.. dh 5 thun raya without full family members..
even gmbr dkat atas tue pon my eldest sister missing.. :)
even cuti end sem bru2 nie pon just my mom, my lil brother je yg stick kat rmah.. my daddy slalu out station.. then after week back to KL.. bru my 2nd sist cuti and balik x jmpa pon..
but, x sabar coz cuti mid sem, sem 2 nie.. all my family will gather back.. coz my sis backed from aussie.. I want to be with my family.. :)


thnx all especially Khadijah@Khaty for the tagged and for the game..
i'm enjoyed it..
do comments k guys!!!!!