what a day??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 6:42 AM
hye and nice to see u back guys!!!
ok this entry is totally about bitchy annoying man act like a shemale *bapok..
ok~ as usual, i went to the cafe to have my dinner..
what do u expect??
one of the islamic univ?? and a BITCH MAN

i have my dinner with my frens and suddenly there groups of men sitting near us..
later on~ one of their frens come to them..
and guess what????????????
the most bitchy boys say that " hai sayang' to his fren in MAK NYAH way..
few minutes later, another one of his frens come..
and the bitch starting to do some thing that is un SANGKArable * tak sangka
they kissing *kat pipi but clearly the intention was look different..
the bad things we start to chatting about he..
then we going back..
at last, we discover that he know that we were talking about them..
they start to act like bitches and start to talking about us back..
we just leave them later on,,
coz gentleman always budge to the GENTLEman..
hahaha.. bye .. see u all in the next post..