my mid sem holiday...

Monday, December 27, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 6:19 AM

~24 DEC 2010~
on this day, kuliah smua cancel coz rmi yg dh balik..
of course la.. cuti!! semua nk balik awal.. same with me~
on the night before 24 dec nie, i really busy i packing all my stuff and luggage for nk balik..
on the day, i woke up early~ 4 am.. then brsiap n get ready..
5.30 jer dh gerak ke Guard.. roomate blom bngun pon time tue~
smpi2 gate.. gate tutup, dh risau dh takut2 x bleh nk kluar..
but, luckily the pak guard kluar and opened the gate for me.. =)
teksi dh book jam 6.. but sja awal~
suddenly, jam 6 tue dh ad bas.. hurm~ baru nk bajet, tp teksi dh smpi.. =(
then nek teksi straight away to KLIA..
smpi je trus Self-Check In.. then having breakfast kat Food Garden..
so mahal ooo.. hehe.. tepat jam 9 flight take off..
so excited.. labuan here i come!!!
best.. for school break holiday promotion.. every passenger dpt aiskrim Hagen dasz for free!!
cuaca was so bad~ 3 kli announcement for remain seated and rsa gak the plane shacking..
but.. thank God .. arrive gak 11.20 kt lbuan..
then on that day aftr solat jumaat, went out with my parents..
so happy, my parents bought for me new Levi's Shirt.. =)

~25 dec 2010~
on this day.. time pagi tue tak buat ap2..
but on the evening, i go with all my siblings to UK and main bowling~
i wont the game~ =)
then i spent my sisters and brother KFC~

~26 Dec 2010~
today bngun awal coz dh plan with my frens to attend my fren's sister weddings..
~ my frens and I~
~lee jae as the pengapit kpd pngantin with ejan and sue~
on that morning, pg matriks ambl afiq and anam then trus pg attend the wedding..
smpi jam 1.30 then trus pg uk.. just round2 and then having drinks kat blueberry..
i have my favourite SNOW SHAKE ABC.. LURVE it!!
then about 4 pm, we went back home..
but, the dinner was AWESOME!!
we having steamboat for the dinner..
my mom msk tom yam and make some bbq prawn, bbg squid, grill fish, grill beef and some vegie.. it was awesome!!!

i still remember the meals and the fun~ =)

~27 dec 2010~
on the morning, i just woke up and having breakfast with my family..
then, on the afternoon i went to fetch up my frens and straight away to UK for Pizza at Pizza Hut
so fun, sembang2 pasl zmn2 sekolah and then having pizza..
yang penting enjoy!!

then after having pizza, kami pon main bowling~
bowling consider as game wajib kalo lepak ngan member2.. and i love it..
~ready for strike~
~my name yg KAS tue.. kalah kat afiq.. huhu.. :(
i lost my consistency on the last throw..
then~ emergency call!! hahah.. which mean my parents dh call and ask me to back home..
then, rushing back home..
in this night, the dinner just like a usual dinner.. but my mom cooked my favorite food for me~
sngt br selera coz it my fav..
and now time for bed...
my next post absolutely will be about the rest of my holiday.. just wait k..
=) ~ BYE.. (^_^)//