what a world.. full with fraud..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 6:30 AM
i don't know how to start about it..
but lately, all this problems seem to be good reason for me to have my new course-mate for next semester..
i am confuse.. really3 confuse and always keep confusing.. WTH..
sometimes u say something that is different, but tomorrow u will say something that contradict with ure first statement...

world?? full with various type of humans.. and of course all the human come with various types of behavior and act..
of course la.. no one perfect.. even u're best friends sometimes will do such things that make u feel uncomfortable right?
so.. what do u expect from someone.. even a mother can dump their own child, even a father can rape their own child.. thus human behavior are EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED..
seriously, i am really3 tired to be as the observer.. need to observe different kinds of people behavior..
and what do u expect from me as friends..
i cannot be around 24 hours with you or even keep thinking on ure problems.. i have my own duty.. i have my own family... and i have my own life..
everyone always keep on saying that a good friends who are always be with u when u are happy or even when u are sad..
i don't think so.. for me.. everyone is friends..
i do have my best frens.. and always keep my secrets or my problem to him.. and he also do the same thing to me.. but i always say that u cannot expect anything from me..
not because i am the so call "plastik" or hypocrite frens..
but because of i really trust that human behavior is unexpected and they can change their act even for second.. extremely bad..
mybe me or him will change one day.. and now mybe i will learn that to keep relies to the God if i face a problem.. not to anyone.. but i kind of agree that there will be a good listener among ure friends.. but do u expect he or she can solve ure problems??

mybe some of u.. who read this, will think that i am trying to critic you.. but i know later on u will critic back on me.. that people always say life is never be fair..
yeah~ my new life full with conspiracy..
even i cannot easily to keep trust on them..
i feel like there are some kind of "agenda" actually behind each of them..
but its depend.. whether its a good or bad agenda..
u know.. someones actually like keeping a knife behind them and just wait for the right time to take it out and stab it on you..
but not all of them.. i admit that, from my observation i can see that actually there are few of them who are actually a good person...
but like i say just now, we can't easily judge them by their looking or their act coz everything is in their heart actually.. and we cannot see it..
but now.. i can know better few of them by their blogs.
and her blog make my perception towards her change..

and i admit i am not a really good friend.. coz my views about life is sometimes different form your view.. that why i can come out with this such post..
coz i am always confuse and tired to keep trying to get know better about u and lastly i find that u are actually have ure own agenda that mybe will make someone or me, myself hurts..
friends sometimes can be dangerous, hypocrite, and full with conspiracies..
to make themselves satisfy and happy while make others suffer for it..
thus, true friends is just a word and even hard to admit that there are true friends.. and they are actually exist.. but sometimes.. and it rarely to happen..
that is world.. full with conspiracy...