Frustrated and Disappointed make me.. TENSION!!

Friday, January 7, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 1:46 AM

really2 in the bad mood..
coz frustrated of someone that make me really2 disappointed and lastly.. TENSION!!
should I used abusive word to mention YOU!!

hard to describe my feelings at that time.. only Allah knows..
I'll try to overcome it.. but don't worry..
coz I'm not kind of person that will assaulting the person or even shouting at him with those harsh word..
once i feel bad, i just make a move and let the person alone drowning in the middle of sea..
then, i use to be alone and recall all those hurting things once and let it go.. just make a new move.. coz there is no benefits to keep it in your head, mind or heart.. just let it go..
however, i can denied how bad i feel at that time..
but, i manage to control my self..
with support of few my best frens mybe..
yeah.. Thank god..
ok, forget about it...

Of course, really, really and really disappointed...

oh~ what a bad feelings.. disappointed of everything..
you just wont and make my heart break.. congratz..

oh.. really sad.. i am just be disappoint.. make me frustrated and tension!!
oh... I need my strength back..
help me please...

and now.. I am kind of confusing..
I don't know how to treat the person..
weather as a friends or enemies..
in a good or bad perceptions..
in honesty or in hypocrite..

hurm~ just make the nature do its own decision..

make a choices..