vacation to Brunei

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - Posted by K.A.A at 6:33 PM

hye guys.. i wanna tell u guys about my vacation to Brunei..
~waiting for our turn to get in to the Shuttle Hope~
~going in to Shuttle Hope for travel through the sea~
~ok, ready for the vacation~
~my eldest sister with my cousin and "nenek uda" in shuttle hope~
~my 2nd sister with my cousin~

~my little brother with my cousin~
~my dad with me and my other siblings~
~and finally we arrive at Brunei.. nice view rights~

then directly from Muara, Brunei to Senaut to my grandmother's house..
~my family at my grandmother house~

~ then having dinner kat sajian warisan, Miri~
next will be my journey from Miri to Brunei back