a day before ramadhan~

Monday, August 9, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 9:02 AM
what a lovely moments guys..
do you still remember this time?
hahah.. open house for aidil adha at my house during the SPM weeks..
just break for few days before the next paper..

hye guys.. ramdhan are comings..
i so excited!!! yeah.. hahha.. what acually in my mind actually is aidilfitri..
nonsense right?.. i want go back to labuan this aidilfitri..
coz i sure, on that day.. my family and my friends are waiting for me..:)
the picture above is during aidil adha last year, within our spm week..
it is the most best time ever..
all my fren.. 1 batch.. had went to my house by our beloved school bus (sms labuan bus) during that time..
fun.. exciting..enjoy..
thats is the only things that i can say..
i hope they wish to come to my house again during this aidilfitri...
hahah.. i will schedule a open house for a day specially for my frens..
i will inform all of you later k..
but the menu are fix..
no extra order.. hahahha..
just joking..:P

last night a post status on my facebook that i can't wait for RAYA..
my fren say that "PUASA PON BLOM"
actually, i am to excited for it... coz there is two simple reason after as we know that raya show our glory on to control our "nafsu"..
on the other hand, i am so excited to go back and see my family..
secondly, i want to hang out during raya to my friends houses with my friends and sharing about our new life e.g our university, our new friends and so whatever.
hahahah.. thats why..
however, don't forget my friends.. actually the best months is ramadhan..
coz during ramadhan we can get closer to our creator ALLAH SWT...
and do righteous deeds and gain as many REWARDS from Allah s.w.t..
so, i wish marhaban ya ramadhan..
welcome to ramadhan...
and for all of you
The months that full with Allah rewards, forgiveness and one of the great months in Islam..
assalamualaikum w.b.t.