my life discipline and should i done some changes on it??

Saturday, August 28, 2010 - Posted by K.A.A at 12:26 PM
salam to all of u...
this is about my life Principe...
yes, I admit that i like to judge people honestly..
and i know that i am not perfect to judge the others..
however, the best reason for me: i will judge the people negatively if the break any one of my life principe...
and if i doesn't like the people, i will not illustrate it in writing form or yet to say it in front them.
eventually, i will say about it with others, not in gossiping, but more in discussing it..
yeah~ in my previous school.. I am to sick to keep compromise with those bad peoples.
just wasting of time..
but doesn't mean that, i am not give them a chance to change..
i give it to them as it is their will to..

and now about the question that should i change??
as a law students, i need to deal with a lot of peoples after this..
but, only for career purposes..
and then, if i prefer to be a judge.. than i should control my social relationship as i need to be aware from the word SOCIALIZE...

but, its extremely different from my life style as i am a sociable person..
i like to make friends.. and having the so call "gila-gila" characteristic..
then i plan some activities to be done with my friends during this raya holiday..
and then i think about it..
i am very close with them..
even we are in the different university, we always keep in touch..
meet up every weekend, then sharing our stories..
suddenly, the question that can i be like this, be friendly with them forever???
coz my work profession will be different later..
can i be with them??
can i have the all sorts enjoyment together again??

then, i am kind of student that like on politics..
so, i had read the book "saya juga melayu" by Zaid Ibrahim...
then, suddenly i think yeah..
after all this, mybe all of us will have different interest and impossible to be friends as before..

so, in my life.. i need to learn the word "just let it go"
yeah.. it's really hard..
however, i need to..
for the sake of my life..
this is what peoples say about the rotation of life~
life is like a wheel.. always rotate in its manner as the life will always go on..
thus, another quotes will arise 'setiap pertemuan pasti ad perpisahan"
yes.. i think even we are know better each other today.. we will back to the previous time that we extremely does not know each others..
thus the life is very precious..
my dear beloved friends.. yeah mybe one day i will be change by the circumstances..
not the Kasyfurrahman that u know before..
so, i want to keep on spent my time with all of u before my future career will not allowed it again..

this is what we say

"Give and Take"